Who Is Stupendous?

I'm an independent rap artist in Portland, OR. 

I rap as a creative outlet. To me, it's a form of self-expression, storytelling, and escapism all rolled into one. It's something that has been part of my identity from a young age, and brought to life over years of practice. Even when I wasn't making music, the nickname "Stupendous" stuck with me.

What's Your Sound?

I've got a sound that you're probably not used to. Without a defined style for the region, there is less expectation and more opportunity for creativity and experimentation. I gravitate toward westcoast rap that drips with confidence and bravado.

You'll find that I tackle different types of songs - from bass-heavy bangers to introspective and melodic tracks. Every song is aimed to transport you to a specific vibe or feeling. I'm inspired by beats that I connect with emotionally, and in turn the music benefits from a personal touch.

Check the Resumé

After heading to the University of Oregon in 2002, I used my dorm room as a make-shift studio where I put together my first full-length album, Underestimated.

By 2006, I had finished my second-full length album, Missing. This release was a dramatic improvement from the first album, both in delivery and content, but also in quality of the production and recording. I performed in over fifty shows during my time in Eugene, including venues such as the McDonald Theatre and the WOW Hall

On May, 26 2015, I released a five-song EP called Paid Time Off featuring production from Alexander Devine and Sapient.

Have More Questions?

Hit me up. You can email me, keep up with me on the blog here, or on pretty much any social media platform:

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