Better Days (Re-Mastered)

Life has been hectic lately. I spent most of last month with a lingering flu. I've spent most of this month getting ready to move (locally), which I am really excited about! Needless to say, not as much time has been spent working on music as usual.

That being said, I didn't want to go all month without bringing you something new...well, at least to most of you. Today you can download my song "Better Days" ft. Chris Riedl for free. This is not a new song, technically, but it has only been distributed to people who signed up for my mailing list during a very small window of time a couple years back. At that point, it was fresh out of the studio session and hadn't been properly mixed down.

So now I'm happy to give you a listen to the final, polished, re-mastered version of "Better Days". It was actually the very first song I recorded when I returned to making music again. It was produced by Big Ice, and recorded and mixed by Kyle Devine

A little story about making this song. I had originally intended on recording the chorus myself, but I was having trouble delivering it in a way that sounded decent that night. Although it was already 10 or 11pm, Kyle called one of his friends on a whim to see if he wanted to come help out with the song. Within an hour, Chris was there, and he immediately brought the song to life with his chorus vocals! He also added in some piano riffs that brought a rich, soulful vibe to the track. I loved how the song came together, and was very thankful for both Kyle and Chris' contributions in bringing it to life.

I hope you enjoy it.


More coming next month...


Shine On - Miracles For Madison

My new song "Shine On" is out now! You can listen to it in full on Soundcloud and YouTube, and download it to own on

This is one of the more personal, meaningful songs I've ever recorded. It's inspired by my cousin's daughter, Madison. She's a fun-loving seven-year-old who always lights up the room. In May of last year, she was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor  known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). DIPG has a 5-year survival rate of less than 1%, and the median overall survival of children diagnosed with DIPG is approximately 9 months.

This has been devastating news for my cousin's family, and heartbreaking for everyone who knows them well.

Throughout the rigorous treatments and physical deterioration, Madison has maintained an attitude and bravery that is staggering. Her parents too, who are dealing with an unimaginable scenario. To me, Madison and her family embody the idea of living for the moment and cherishing the people around us. They embody grit and determination. Most of all they embody love.

I don't get to see my cousin and her family too much because they live on the east coast, but they have inspired me greatly from a far. This song is my way of offering my support in a tangible way. 

For those who are in a position to help, you can pay whatever you want for this song over at ALL proceeds will be donated directly to my cousin's family. I'd love for us to be able to help ease their financial burden a bit, or use the money in whatever way will bring more happiness into their home during a very difficult time.

Also, a share of this Soundcloud or YouTube link on your social media would be an amazing way to spread the word and show your support!