The Search For a Better Answer

Many have asked me what made me get back into music after so much time away from it. For some, my return to music likely seems like the output of an early mid-life crisis. That might be in the ballpark, but it's not quite right. Let me explain.

I've had intentions to start making music again for years. I purchased several beats at various times over the past eight years only to let them collect dust on burned CDs. It was as if the idea that I could return to music at any point was more appealing than actually putting in the work to bring it to life. I was free to replay memories through my head, keep a (unlikely) return within arms reach, and go about my life as normal. Day after day.

Then my daughter was born.

It's a transformative moment for any new parent that instantaneously shakes up your life, perspective, and worldview. As I got accustomed to fatherhood, I flashed forward to years later when she would be able to listen to my music and riddle me with questions including, "Why did you stop?" I have good answers for that question. True ones. But they all send the wrong message. 

I want a better answer. I want to eventually give her advice to stay true to her passion (or at least to not let them die for a paycheck). I want her to keep what she loves close to her heart. I want to give the advice I wish I had taken, and now I want to do it as someone who lived that advice. I want a better ending.

So here I am - literally with less free time than I have ever had in my life and a brand new project ready to be released this month. I have loftier goals for the years to come and it probably isn't going to get any easier. But now I have found a reason strong enough to move me into action. It's my point of leverage to keep driving forward. There are all sorts of other benefits to making music again, but having a clearly defined "why" might be the most important tool I have in combatting the inevitable resistance we all face.

Takeaway notes:

  • Once you know what you want to do. Define why you want it to do it.
  • If you can't define why you want it, you might not want it badly enough.
  • When all else fails, go make a baby.